SMS Services

SMS API: Send SMSes by connecting directly from your app or software

Use our SMS API Gateway to send Bulk SMS in just a few minutes, securely from your app.

Send SMSes directly from your system with a simple and secure API

Integrate the Acumbamail API with your website; CMS, ERP or CRM system; app; or software with ease to automatically send notifications, authentications or SMS-marketing to your recipients.

Email design easier than ever
Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

You can integrate it with any programming language that allows HTTP POST requests.

Simple to use

Simple to use

Import your contacts, create your SMS content and send your campaigns to subscribers in just a few minutes.

Secure process

Secure process

Maximum security and confidentiality in authentication processes.



Pay only for what you send. Consult our SMS plans.

High service availability

High service availability

99.9% in the last five years.

Free technical support

Free technical support

We’ll support you through configuration at no extra cost.

Try one of our SMS platforms for free

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Try one of our SMS platforms for free
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Much more than an SMS-delivery platform

Choose to send SMSes via API or directly from the Acumbamail web panel on your computer, with no code and no need to install anything.

You can easily combine email and SMS delivery in automatic flows and create landing pages to which your recipients will be redirected at no additional cost.

Email design easier than ever

Countries which you can send SMS with Acumbamail

With your SMS credits, you will be able to send SMS to your subscribers in the following countries without any additional cost.

Zone 1










United Kingdom

Zone 2

*These countries will have a cost of two credits per SMS sent











Need to send more?

Check out our unbeatable prices for high volumes. Leave us a contact number and we will call you as soon as possible.

Send text messages so your customers don't miss a thing


  • Do I have to pay more to integrate the SMS API into my application?

    No, the price is the same. By contracting any of our pricing plans, which do not expire, you can send SMS at the same price as if you were using our platform directly.

  • Yes, whether you use our platform or if you do it by integrating our API into your app, you can automate SMS mailings to your subscribers.

  • You will get real time data about delivered, pending and non delivered SMS and match them with the users.

    You can check a summary of the reports that show three different statuses:

    • Delivered SMSes: Have been received by the subscriber, and the operator has sent us the delivery time.

    • Pending SMSes: Have been successfully delivered to the operator, but it has either not provided us with the delivery time or it has not delivered the message for several possible reasons, such as if the mobile phone has been turned off or does not have signal.

    • Undelivered SMSes: The operator has not been able to deliver these because the recipient number does not exist or is no longer valid.

  • You can access the API using the POST operation of the HTTP protocol.

  • Any language that allows an HTTP POST operation can use our SMS API.

  • Yes, you can get in touch with Acumbamail’s support by phone at +34 91 179 4761 or by email at